Plenary and special sessions

Special sessions will be organised in two categories: (1) already planned 9 special sessions:

Algebra (organised by Ryszard Mazurek )
Control Theory and Dynamical Systems
      (organised by Zbigniew Bartosiewicz and Ewa Girejko )
Computer Science (organised by Magdalena Kacprzak )
Computer-assisted Formalization of Mathematics --- In memoriam of Andrzej Trybulec
     (organised by Artur Korniłowicz )
Differential Operators: Algebra, Geometry, Representations
      (organised by Antoni Pierzchalski )
Difference and Differential Equations and Their Generalisation on any Time Scales
      (organised by Ewa Schmeidel and Josef Diblik )
Mathematics in Biology and Medicine (organised by Anna Poskrobko )
Quantitative Methods in Economics (organised by Beata Madras-Kobus )
Weak Partial Linear and Partial Chain Spaces and Their Geometry
      (organised by Krzysztof Prażmowski )

(2) contributed special sessions, devoted to any topic related to mathematics or its applications.

Every prospective participant may organise his/her own special session devoted to mathematics or its applications on the condition of gathering at least three participants.

The following contributed special sessions have been approved for the 6PCM conference so far:

Decision Support in Negotiation (organised by Ewa Roszkowska and Tomasz Wachowicz )
Fuzzy Calculus and Its Applications (organised by Witold Kosiński and Dariusz Kacprzak )
Student Session
     (organised by Marzena Filipowicz-Chomko , Ewa Girejko and Ryszard Mazurek )